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Brianna. For all those who said I couldn't, for all those who said I wouldn't, for all those who said i shouldn't... See you at the finish line. I follow back :)
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WWA Tampa 10/1/14

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Nick, Harry, and Laughing

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R1Breakfast: hiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thanks for everything that you’ve entertained us with for 3.5 hours a day, 5 days a week for #twoyears now. The failed football match, the pink hair, #pancakecam, all the post brits and post christmas parties, #areyajokin, ian attemptin to meet people he really isnt famous enough to meet, fifis spectaular rapping, finchys amazing piano skills and impromptu live-lounges with guests, all the nixtapes and call or deletes, and ofcourse showbot. Hope the 3rd year is just as great. 😍❤🍆💅😎💩

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“Come on Britain; I want you to join me in baking a delicious Chocolate cake for BBC Children in Need this year! We all know Chocolate cake is better than Sir Terry’s favourite, Lemon Drizzle, so join me and together we can help make a difference.” x


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In which Nick stays over at Daisy Lowe’s and makes bold fashion choices as a result.

"You’re wearing a top knot and a see through Beastie Boys t shirt"


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Nick would like you to know that Autumn Is Coming and celebrities who ‘okay’ Fiona do so at their peril.


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"When people meet Grimmy they attach themselves to him for life." (x)

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In which 30 year old Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw got in early because he was scared of Ian and then hid from him in the lift.

Also Teen Awards but let’s be real - FOI (Fear Of Ian) is the thing we’re taking away from this.


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"Who’s the most famous person in your mobile?" by Scott Mills via quitespecial (via faireststyles)

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Harry Styles. Though he keeps changing his number and you’ll get a group text in the middle of the night. He’s lovely and the reason I think people are drawn to him is he’s quite a charmer. In a conversation he’ll make you feel really important.
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